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Antipasto Italiano                               £ 9.00 

Culatello ham and buffalo mozzarella


Mussels sautè                                       £10.00

Mussels cooked in white wine sauce


Beetroot cured salmon                     £ 10.00

Salmon cured by our chef, served with soda bread


Bufala Caprese                                     £ 8.50

Fresh buffalo mozzarella on a bed of salad with sliced tomatoes


Olives & Focaccia                                 £ 5.50

Mixed olives served with strips of pizza bread


Fritto Misto                                           £ 10.00

Deep-fried Calamari, prawns, white fish, salmon


Our pizzas are served in two sizes, half pizzas and whole pizzas. Don't forget to ask a member of our team to see a template!

Margherita                                  £ 8.00 / 13.00

tomato and mozzarella

Marinara                                     £ 8.00 / 13.00

tomato, garlic and oregano

Pepperoni                                    £ 9.00 / 15600

tomato, mozzarella and pepperoni

Napoletana                                £ 9.00 / 16.00

tomato, mozzarella and anchovies

Spinaci                                          £ £ 9.00 / 16.00

tomato, mozzarella, spinach and parmesan

Contadina                                    £ 9.00 / 16.00

tomato, mozzarella, onion and mixed peppers

Crudo e grana                            £ 9.00 / 16.00

tomato, mozzarella, parma ham, parmesan and rocket

Vegan Margherita                      £ 9.00 / 16.00

tomato, vegan mozzarella


All of our sauces are made with fresh ingredients to ensure the best quality and taste is maintained. And they are also gluten-free!

You can choose from the following shapes: Scialatielli, spaghetti, tagliatelle, fusilli, penne.

You can also choose the gluten-free pasta (penne or gnocchi)

Carbonara                                    £ 13.00

Pancetta, eggs, parmesan, cream.Italian version available (guanciale, pecorino cheese,egg)


Squid ink Spaghetti                   £ 18.00

Prawns, Calamari, Courgette


Ragù Bolognese                          £ 13.00

Slow-cooked minced beef in tomato sauce


Tartufo                                          £ 16.00

Cream and black truffle


Tricolore                                       £ 16.00

Garlic, basil, parmesan and pine nuts sauce, tomato concasse, with a burrata cream on top


Termoli                                          £ 18.00

Mixed and slow-cooked seafood with a special chef's sauce

Meat and Fish


Sirloin    Steak                             £ 24.00

Sliced beef steak with rocket, cherry tomatoes and parmesan. Served with a side of your choice


Grilled Lamb                                £ 24.00

Marinated and grilled lamb. Served with a side of your choice


T-bone steak                                £ 29.00

A 500 g (at least) grilled T-bone steak. Served with a side of your choice

King prawns panfried               £ 18.00

6 King prawns marinated and grilled. Served with a side of your choice


Grilled Fish                                   £ 24.00

Whole Seabass or Whole Seabream grilled. Served with a side of your choice


Salmon fillet                                £ 24.00

Pan-fried salmon fillet, Served with a side of your choice


Fish of the day                                 

If we find something delicious from the fishermen, we will cook it for you! Ask our manager for details and prices


Mixed Salad                                          £ 4.00

lettuce, tomatoes, sweetcorn, olives and mozzarella

Spinach and parmesan panfried    £ 4.00

Triple cooked Chips                            £ 4.00

Steamed broccoli                                £ 4.00

Kids Menu

Tiny portions, ideal for the little ones of the family.

Pizza                                               £ 8.00

Pasta                                              £ 8.00

all served with a juice of your choice.


Profiteroles                                            £ 6.00


Tiramisu                                                  £ 6.00

Chocolate soufflè                                 £6.00


Pistacchio mousse                               £ 6.00

Nutella pizza                                         £ 6.00

Chcolate salami                                    £ 6.00

Don't forget to let a member of our team know about food allergies and intolerances when ordering

Wine list

Red Wines

Montepulciano d'Abruzzo     £23.00 bottle

                                               £4.00 glass 125 ml

These wines are perfect for daily consumption, thanks to their excellent balance between price and quality. The Montepulciano has a ruby red colour with faint violet hues. A vinous and intense bouquet combines with a pleasantly tannic, full-bodied and harmonious palate making this wine an ideal pairing for pasta and red meats.13% ABV

Primitivo                                      £23.00 bottle

                                               £4.00 glass 125 ml

The Primitivo grape got its name from the fact that it ripens quicker than most other varieties and is typical to Southern Italy. The Orus Primitivo is warm and well-made, presenting a radiant ruby red colour with slight violet reflections, and a fruity bouquet with an abundance of dark cherries, blackberries and plums and underlying nuances of vanilla, spice and liquorice. Velvety, fruity, harmonious, simple, yet with great finesse and structure, it is wonderfully juicy and round in the mouth with a lasting finish.13% ABV

Nebbiolo                                      £27.00 bottle

Nebbiolo grapes grown and vinified in the heart of the Langhe area. The silica-rich soil of this area shapes impressive wines renown for their elegance and aromas. Winemaking practices are traditional in style and execution. The must macerates on the skins for about 15 days at 28-30°C followed by alcoholic fermentation. The wine then undergoes malolactic fermentation and ageing in large casks of oak for 12 months and finally spends some extra months in bottles before the powerful structure and elegant aromas reach an optimal equilibrium.

14% ABV

Cabernet Sauvignon                 £28.00 bottle

Cabernet Sauvignon is a wonderful, pure red wine from Italy, which presents itself in a dense ruby red in the glass.

The bouquet is marked by expressive aromas of ripe forest berries - especially raspberry and blackberry - and subtle hints of liquorice and vanilla. On the palate, the fullness of berry fruit blends perfectly with the pleasant acidity and soft body. The fine, silky tannins also harmonise wonderfully with the berry fruit and accompany you into a long-lasting finish. 12.5% ABV

Valpolicella                                  £28.00 bottle

The Valpolicella is the fruit of grapes grown only in the high hills of Torbe. Its style is that of the typical and traditional profile of Valpolicella: well-structured with a harmonious balance between the aromas and flavour sensations and pure elegance. Intense ruby red in colour with violet hues, and a complex perfume with aromas of red fruits, vinous and spicy. On the palate, it is harmonious, full-bodied, and velvety-smooth with the perfect balance of tannins and acidity. A fine companion for all meat dishes, fantastic with spicy pasta dishes and full-flavoured cheeses. 13.5% ABV

Morellino di Scansano              £35.00 bottle

In Scansano, in the southern part of Tuscany, Morellino is the local name for Sangiovese. In this case blended with 15% Ciliegiolo, another indigenous local grape, this is a slim and youthful style of red. A subtly rustic streak gives a touch of complexity and food-friendliness. 14% ABV

White Wines

Sparkling Wines

Pinot Grigio.                                £18.00 bottle

                                               £4.00 glass 125 ml

These wines are perfect for daily consumption, thanks to their excellent balance between price and quality. The Trebbiano has a straw yellow colour with greenish reflections and a fresh, fruity bouquet. The palate is soft, smooth and fragrant, making it excellent as an aperitif or ideal with appetizers and fish dishes.

12% ABV

Trebbiano d'Abruzzo               £23.00 bottle

                                               £4.00 glass 125 ml

These wines are perfect for daily consumption, thanks to their excellent balance between price and quality. The Trebbiano has a straw yellow colour with greenish reflections and a fresh, fruity bouquet. The palate is soft, smooth and fragrant, making it excellent as an aperitif or ideal with appetizers and fish dishes.

12% ABV

Falanghina                                   £25.00 bottle

                                               £5.00 glass 125 ml

Falanghina, an ancient white grape reportedly of Greek origin, has been restoring its reputation since the turn of the century and is increasingly fashionable. In Campania, the vines thrive in the porous volcanic soils which give the grape citrus-blossom aromas and classic apple or pear flavours. Vinosia’s Falanghina has vivid straw-yellow colour with green hues, and an intense and persistent rich nose with hints of kiwi, lime and grapefruit. Sapid, well structured and harmonious with a fruity finish. 12.5% ABV

Tardo Sauvignon blanc             £28.00 bottle

Sauvignon Tardo is a pale straw yellow with light golden glints white wine made of Sauvignon Blanc grape. The name of the wine Tardo means the grapes are collected slightly later to allow more fruit concentration.

On the nose, it expresses marked aromas of mixed exotic fruit with pleasant hints of pepper and geranium owers. On the palate, it is well-balanced and flavoursome with an agreeable vegetable and fruity finish.

13% ABV

Tocai friulano                              £28.00 bottle

Made with native vines par excellence, this wine boasts a characteristic sensation of almond flanked by delicate nuances of wildflowers, wisteria and white pepper.  Its greatly mineral nature is bolstered by a pleasant aftertaste that recalls aromatic herbs.

The perfect accompaniment to antipasti, fish and chicken dishes. 12.5% ABV

Rosè Wines

Rosé Osè Riserva Maribeda      £21.00 bottle

Left briefly to macerate on the skins, a blend of red Barbera and Nebbiolo grapes produces a juice with a lovely light pink colour tending to a cherry-red. On the palate, Osé is a well-balanced and savoury rosé wine, showing great freshness accompanied by elegant tannins that contribute to good depth of flavour. A rosé wine like you have never tasted before!

13.5% ABV

Prosecco                                       £21.00 bottle

                                              £7.00 glass 100 ml

This Prosecco is a classic sparkling wine that is made with white stone fruits & lemon flavours to create a marvellous extra dry drink ideal for any occasion or as a relaxation beverage. Extra dry. 11% ABV

Prosecco superiore di Asolo   £23.00 bottle

                                              £7.00 glass 125 ml

Intensely fruity aromas and a fresh, markedly fruity taste with an agreeable elegance and harmonious finish. DOCG Certified.

Very pale straw yellow in colour with a fine, persistent perlage. Fresh and dry, this sparkling wine shows all its pleasantly fruity notes in the glass. Well-balanced tasting and harmonious finish, followed by a sweet floral scent on the palate.

DOCG Certification: This classification denotes the highest quality recognition for Italian wines. In addition to the conditions required for DOC, the wines must be "guaranteed" by passing an analysis and a tasting by government-licensed personnel before being bottled. Also, DOCG rules reduce the allowable yield of grapes to produce the wine, limit specific alcohol levels, and minimum ageing requirements. 11% ABV

Prosecco Rose' il Fresco           £21.00 bottle

                                              £7.00 glass 125 ml

A sparkling jewel protected by the hills of the Marca Trevigiana, Villa Sandi is a Palladian style masterpiece dating back to 1622, and it is also the main office of the company.

The Villa rises from a fertile countryside in which fields and farms, nowadays as well as in the past, pay homage to the local history. A vibrant stage in which nature and architecture live in total harmony together; a place of delight and headquarters, the complex of Villa Sandi is an enchanting estate where man and environment are in perfect symbiosis. This prosecco has fruity and flowery with delicate notes of unripe golden apple and small mountain flowers. Dry, fresh and zesty, with a fruity and harmonious aftertaste.

11.5% ABV


Moretti draught                               £2.80 1/2 pint                                                                £5.50 pint


Moretti siciliana, 50 cl                    £4.50

Peroni Nastro Azzurro, 33 cl         £3.95

Peroni Red Label, 33 cl                   £3.95


Peroni Gluten Free, 33 cl                £3.95  


Peroni Libera alcohol free, 33 cl  £3.95

Brooklyn lager, 33 cl                       £4.20

Icnusa classica, 33 cl                       £3.95

Icnusa non filtrata, 33 cl                £4.20


Aperol spritz                                           £8.00


Campari spritz                                       £8.50


Limoncello spritz                                  £8.50   


Negroni                                                    £8.50

Gin Lemon/Gin tonic / cuba libre     £6.50


103                                                             £8.50 

(Martini rosso, Campari, Biancosarti, Angostura)         


Limoncello                                              £4.00


Grappa, Amaro                                      £5.00

Burbon, Whiskey                                   £5.00


Akashi Japanese Whiskey shot         £6.00     


Lagavulin distillers edition shot      £12.00


Beef Lasagna                               £ 15.00

Oven-baked pasta layers filled with bolognese sauce, bechamel, parmesan, cheddar cheese

Aubergine Lasagna                    £ 15,00

Oven-baked pasta layers filled with tomato  sauce, bechamel, aubergines, parmesan, cheddar cheese